Can Plantation Shutters Be Installed On Any Window?

Yes, Plantation shutters can be installed on almost any window due to them being extremely versatile. 

There are a few considerations to be made when installing shutters in your home but not to worry, we keep things no-fuss. 

Inside Or Outside Mount?

This is dependent on your windows. Let’s go over the difference.

Inside mounted shutters are fitted within the recessed window, creating a nice clean finish. They are smaller than outside mounted shutters, saving you money.

Outside mounted shutters are fitted to the wall around the window. This means they are a bit larger and project outwards. An outside mount is perfect for shallow windows without a deep recess.

Both options look great. The mount suited to your window will depend on the size of your recess (space between the window surface and wall).

Z Or L Frame?

Inside and outside mounts use different frames. An inside mount uses a Z or L frame, with an outside mount using a different type of L frame. 

The frame suited to your window also depends on if there’s an obstacle that would impact the function of your plantation shutters. This could be things like door handles, window winders or locks. For example, if you have a window winder you may need a 3-sided frame so that your window could maintain functionality. 

Understanding how best to work around obstructions can sometimes be tricky - read our article on Managing Obstructions or send us a photo, we’re here to help!

We also have handy illustrations to show how different frames work with your mounting options.

Plantation Shutters with Window Winders

We have a variety of frame types to choose from that are designed to accommodate for both wind out windows and open windows. Any latches, winders or handles on your window need to be taken into consideration when measuring your clear space. 

Sash and double hung windows commonly have winders and locks on them at either the bottom or halfway up, which are over come by ensuring there is sufficient recess depth clear of any obstruction in front of the winder or lock for either the louvres to operate or a mid rail to sit in front. 

How Many Panels?

Our Design Centre makes this decision easy. Shutters are made up of panels and require more than one if the window is larger than 950mm, this means that plantation shutters for large windows are possible (the maximum panel width is 900mm, but you get a little bit of extra width when considering the frame too).

Our Design Centre calculates how many panels are needed based on the width of your window, and also makes a recommendation that best matches the design of your window. Shutters look best when they match the window and our recommendations engine helps you make the sort of design decisions you’d normally only get from an in-home consultation. However, you are also able to select how many you want up to a maximum 900mm per panel.

They are configured in multiple ways. You can decide if a single panel is hinged on the left or right. Multiple panels are made with a ‘D mould’ on the right-hand panel. This creates a clean finish and blocks light from leaking through. 

The versatility of plantation shutters make them the perfect window solution for any room in your home. Get an instant quote today. 

We also offer custom DIY plantation shutter services in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne as well.

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Dan Field
By: Dan Field Published: 16 Nov 2018