Do Shutters Need To Match The Trim?

Purchasing new shutters can completely transform the look of your home. One question that often comes up in the purchasing decision is whether indoor shutters should match the trim colour on the window.

Primarily, white plantation shutters are designed and built to appear as part of the window.  Most of the time customers are looking for a seamless look, where the window casing ends blends into the shutters begin.

However, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to matching the two. There is nothing wrong with having shutters on a coloured trim, especially if you want to create contrast in a room.  Having two contrasting colours can also help a room avoid seeming too light or dark.

One of the great advantages of our white shutters is they make a room look polished, offering chic and versatile style to the home that often increases the value.  If you can afford it, you can also opt for custom coloured shutters to match a paint or design in your home.

Please note that if you plan on changing your trim color, we recommend painting the trim the new color before the shutters are installed to create a seamless look. Once the shutters are installed it’s difficult to change the trim colour without damaging the shutters.

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Do the shutters match the trim

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Dan Field
By: Dan Field Published: 05 Nov 2018