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How We Contact You

We respect your privacy absolutely. By requesting a product sample or creating an account with The Shutters Department you agree to receive updates from us about the progress of your order, available discounts and occasional marketing updates. You can unsubscribe from marketing emails at any time, either by clicking on the 'unsubscribe' link in these emails, or by contacting us at info@shuttersdept.com.au.

Submitting Your Order


All colours displayed on our website are our best approximation only. We offer free samples to enable you to check the actual colour of our products in place in your home. Colour varies with light and we strongly recommend viewing your samples under a range of light conditions. Refunds and returns cannot be accepted when we deliver the colour you have requested and it does not match your expectations.


We try hard to ensure that all photos on our website show the actual shutters we sell and accurately represent our product. However, we are not perfect. While all white shutters are superficially similar, differences can be important, and all photos are displayed for educational and promotional purposes only. If specific features are very important to you, please confirm with us directly and we’ll make sure you received exactly what you expect.


Windows are rarely perfectly square and there will be some variation in your measurements. Do not take any deductions, we will figure this out for you during manufacturing process. For inside mount shutters, we generally take a 3.2mm deduction to ensure your shutters fit properly inside the window cavity.  (We'll check with you whether deductions were taken when reviewing your order over the phone).


The Shutters Department saves you money by offering shutters for ‘Do It Yourself’ measure and installation. The best way to avoid measuring mistakes is to let us help you get it right! Our whole philosophy is to make it easy for you to measure correctly and we are always available to help with any questions you may have. Let us help you get it right! Because we manufacture your shutters to your exact specifications we cannot resell your shutters to other customers and cannot offer you a refund when mistakes do occur. Not all mistakes are equal - we have a team of experts available who will try to offer solutions should things go wrong.


The Shutters Department sells a custom made product that is manufactured exactly to your specifications to suit your specific windows. We cannot resell your shutters to someone else. Should you decide you need to cancel your order you must contact us immediately. We send all orders to our factory as quickly as possible to ensure fast delivery for you, sometimes within hours. Once the factory has accepted your order and begun the manufacturing process we cannot provide you with a refund.