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Frequently asked questions

Our plantation shutters are made from aluminium reinforced PVC, a durable, tough and water-resistant material that is suitable for anywhere within the interior of your home - from wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms to the most sun-drenched of front windows. The PVC brings durability, while the aluminium core offers strength and prevents bowing. This combination of materials is not just ideal for general weathering, it also gives your plantation shutters the greatest chance of standing up to inevitable wear and tear - even from kids and pets! Please note that our plantation shutters are not for exterior use. 

We offer our plantation shutters in three beautiful shades of white, enabling them to seamlessly match with any interior decor or colour scheme, and helping them to reflect away as much of the sun’s heat as possible, keeping your home cooler. The crispest, coolest and ‘whitest’ of these colours is called Snow, while the warmest, ‘beigest’ colour is Classic. The third option, Bright, sits between the others in terms of brightness and temperature. To help you perfectly match your plantation shutters with your home’s interior, we've compared our three colour options to Australia's most popular white paints from Dulux, Wattyl and Haimes. Click here to see our colour chart.

While there are some exceptions, almost all plantation shutters will need to be installed within a frame. For your convenience, all of The Shutters Department shutters are sold with a frame. We have three types to choose from, all of which are manufactured to fit the size and style of your window. If you need an inside mount (sometimes called a recess fit) you can choose between a Z frame or an L frame. Outside mounted shutters (face fit) will use an L frame. To learn more about which frame you’ll need to correctly install your plantation shutters, click here.

No matter which frame and shutter combination you choose, installation is surprisingly easy. Why pay a tradesman for something you can easily do yourself? The Shutters Department has detailed, easy to follow guides that will allow you to install your new plantation shutters in no time! You can check out our guides here.

Australia’s gorgeous climate is a blessing, but it has made single glazed windows the standard across the country, and they don’t really cope when the weather strays too far from comfortable. Happily plantation shutters are an economic, beautiful and effective insulator, helping to keep your home a comfortable temperature from the height of summer to the depths of winter, and lowering your power bill all the while.

Between their beautiful look and their ability to insulate, plantation shutters add real value to your home. And when you choose The Shutters Department shutters, the value that you add will be exponentially more than the true price of the shutters!

Many people use the terms ‘blind’ and ‘shutter’ interchangeably. But in reality there are a few important differences.

Blinds are attached to the inside of the window recess or above it, while shutters are attached directly to the window frame itself. Along with the unique look, this makes plantation shutters sturdier, longer lasting, better at insulating, and safer (there are no cords or chains dangling from the window that kids or pets can get caught on). And while most people might choose blinds purely due to the price, with The Shutters Department you can enjoy all these perks at a similar - often lower - cost!

Whether you need an inside mounted or outside mounted shutter, whether you’re installing within a decorative architrave or square architrave, whether you have years of DIY experience or zero, The Shutters Department have detailed, easy to follow guides that make the installation of plantation shutters in Melbourne a breeze for anyone.

We ship our plantation shutters to almost every corner of Australia! No matter where your home may be, we’re confident that we can safely deliver your beautiful new shutters in quick time. Simply enter your postcode at checkout, and the shipping fee will be calculated based on the size of your order and your location!

We don't make margin on shipping - we directly pass on the cost charged by our delivery partners. Shipping cost varies based on the size of your order and delivery location.

For reference, an average sized order of 6 square metres (which is generally between 4 and 8 panels) costs around $140 to delivery to metro Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane. Pricing is not linear - doubling the size of an order does not double the cost.

Delivery can be calculated in Your Windows, after your first shutter design has been completed. If you'd like an estimate before you get there, just get in touch!

Your plantation shutters typically take 7-9 weeks to be delivered from the date you confirm your order. We call every customer to confirm order details and make sure it is perfect when it arrives. 

Helping you order correctly is our number one priority - we've quite literally designed our business to make it easy.

Our online design centre gives you specific measuring instructions tailored to your windows. We've invested heavily in video, diagrams and photography to guide you every step of the way. Most importantly, we're always here to help. Unsure? Send us photos, give us a call, or reach out via chat. We'll do everything we can to help.

Finally, nothing gets sent to our factory until we've personally spoken with you. We'll run through your order and double check all the details.

The Shutters Dept. can offer a market leading prices for two reasons. First, we help you measure and install your own shutters. Traditional retailers charge for this. Currently, the market rate is $100 to measure and $50 per panel for installation. Second, we import directly from the manufacturer - no intermediaries, no wholesalers. Your shutters are shipped from our factory and delivered directly to your door.