Plantation shutters that don’t cost a lot

How Much Do Plantation Shutters Cost?

Whether you’re building your home or redecorating, your choice of window coverings will come down to a few essential features: functionality, attractiveness and often most critically, cost. The Shutters Department makes costing a simple, one-click process with our handy Instant Quote form, but you can easily estimate your plantation shutters price by understanding what factors into your final quote.

What Goes into Your Quote? - The cost breakdown

DIY Installation Costs

The Shutters Department helps you measure and configure your shutters easily without the need to send a contractor to your home. The Shutters Department’s online Design Centre has all the built-in consultation points a contractor would take into account, except the service is free and entirely DIY. The plantation shutters cost of installing can be more than $50 per panel not per window.

Window Size 

The overall dimensions of the window will impact the number of shutters required. With the ShuttersDept you can rest easy that you will not be charged anything extra for having more panels, extra midrails or different architraves. You will be charged the lowest price for your particular mounting type. 

The low price of plantation shutters makes every room look good

Recess Fit vs Face Fit

A Recess Fit (or 'Inside Mount') is when the shutter is made to fit within the frame (recess) of the window, manufactured to precisely cover the window area. A shutter that’s fitted outside of the recess is referred to as a Face Fit (or 'Outside Mount'). A Face Fit attaches to the wall space around the window, overlaying both the window and part of the wall on either side. Your choice of fitting usually comes down to aesthetics, and a preference for a Face Fit will slightly increase the overall cost of your shutter design.


Your choice of colour can sometimes be an unforeseen added expense, significantly impacting the overall cost of your shutters. However, at The Shutters Department, we have reduced costs for customers by streamlining our offer to three variations of white. This means your plantation shutter quote will not be mysteriously inflated. You can compare our three colours to Australia's most popular white paints from Dulux, Wattyl and Haimes.

PVC: The Most Cost-Effective plantation Shutters Material

If you don't have a large budget, and want to save on professional installation and other associated costs, PVC plantation shutters are a perfect choice. PVC is a durable material that won’t experience fading or cracking. Better still, PVC shutters are resistant to moisture and humidity. This makes our shutters ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and any other areas likely to get wet. When comparing this to other materials, such as timber, PVC shutters will save you money both in the long term and the short.

We also offer custom DIY plantation shutter services in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.


don't pay too much

Wondering what plantation shutters cost? At The Shutters Department we’re so confident of our industry leading pricing that you can get an instant quote for your entire home using nothing more than your smartphone. Why wait days for a consultant to give you an overpriced quote? Why drive all the way to the nearest shutter retailer, only to browse through inferior or poorly fitting products? Simply tell us what you need, and you’ll be delivered an instant, firm and incredibly priced quote!

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The lowest price DIY shutters, direct from the manufacturer: The Shutters Department cuts out the middleman, allowing you to enjoy the lowest possible plantation shutter cost by buying direct from the factory. We check every order prior to manufacture: At The Shutters Department we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality plantation shutters built to your exact specifications. Before we manufacture your shutters we liaise with you to ensure your vision becomes a reality. We deliver all over Australia: From the Sydney CBD to beyond the Birdsville Track, we’ll deliver your new shutters to your door, no matter where in Australia that door might be! Easy install for the DIY novice: There’s no need to hire a ticketed tradesman - our products are designed for even the most novice of DIY installers, and come with a complete guide to fitting your new plantation shutters.

Use our pricing calculator to get an instant, firm and surprisingly low quote for your entire home. You might be surprised at exactly how little brand your new plantation shutters will cost!