Plantation shutters look great in this Melbourne home

Plantation Shutters Melbourne

Melbourne is often described as having four seasons in one day. From the dry hot spells to the frosty winter nights, and everything in between, our shutters offer premium functionality.

Amazing benefits in any weather

We supply plantation shutters in Melbourne that are easy to install, high-quality and affordable!

During the winter months we know it can get pretty miserable. Cold and cloudy mornings, and even frost if you’re in the High Country. But fret not as our shutters fit perfectly with your window, retaining heat and keeping you warm and toasty.

Then in January and February, when the Melbourne temperature's starts to soar, and those 30-degree days come around, plantation shutters work as a great way to block out the sun’s harsh rays. 

Our PVC plantation shutters have an aluminum core to reinforce each blade, are resistant to fading and cracking and suitable for wet areas. So, whether you want to install them in your lounge, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, your home will look amazing and function in any weather that Melbourne may throw at you.

Another home in Melbourne with plantation shutters installed

Effortless shutter design

Our Design Centre puts you in control, so you can easily tailor our shutters to your needs.  You will be surprised at the ease of our DIY shutters.

We have a simple 10 step process that guides you through the ordering of your shutters for a Melbourne delivery. Our questions are straight-forward, no technical knowledge required!

The only considerations you need to make are the size of your shutters and the colour, easy as that! We have detailed videos, diagrams and photography to help you determine measurements and a fantastic team of support staff on hand for any questions.

What’s more, we never send anything to our factory without speaking to you first. We will go through your order with you and confirm any details. So, don’t fret if you make a mistake when ordering online because we will ensure you get the perfect shutters for your Melbourne home. 

We also offer custom plantation shutters in Sydney and Brisbane as well.

Frequently asked questions

Whether you need an inside mounted or outside mounted shutter, whether you’re installing within a decorative architrave or square architrave, whether you have years of DIY experience or zero, The Shutters Department have detailed, easy to follow guides that make the installation of plantation shutters in Melbourne a breeze for anyone.

Because of their sturdy construction and ability to form an almost airtight barrier, plantation shutters in Melbourne act as excellent insulators against the city’s variable weather. They act in much the same way as a double glazed window, keeping your home warmer in winter, cooler in summer, and lowering your heating and cooling bills all the while.

Installing plantation shutters in your Melbourne home can add value far above the costs that you outlay, particularly when you choose the best value option possible - The Shutters Department shutters. Not only do plantation shutters give your home a unique and desirable look, they also act as an efficient insulator, lowering your heating and cooling bills!

Blinds are attached to the inside of the window recess or above it, while plantation shutters are attached directly to the window frame itself. This makes plantation shutters better looking, sturdier, longer lasting, better at insulating, and safer (there are no cords or chains dangling from the window that kids or pets can get caught on). And while most people choose blinds purely because of the price, with The Shutters Department you can enjoy all these perks at a similar - often lower - cost!