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What Is An L-Frame?

An L-frame, as its name suggests, is designed in the shape of the letter 'L'. There are two types of L-frames: One for inside mounting, the other for outside mounting your shutters. This article discusses the L-frame used for Inside Mounting. 

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What Is An Inside Mount L-Frame?

An inside mount L-frame will mount to the inside of your window recess. It can be mounted flush against the wall, or even sit back from the wall at any desired depth.

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How Does An Inside L-Frame Mount To My Window?

An inside L-frame is 65mm in length, and requires at least 65mm of unobstructed clearance to fit inside the recess. You also have the option of mounting your shutter further inside the recess if your have more than 65mm of clearance.

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Can I Install An L-Frame With An Architrave?

You can install an L-frame to a window with an architrave, provided you are able to inside mount your shutter. If you have an architrave and are unsure whether you can inside mount an L-frame, please send us a photo of your window and we will provide expert advice.

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Can I Install An Inside L-Frame With A Window Sill?

Yes, you can install and Inside L-frame with a window sill. An L-frame will sit on top of the sill and mount inside the recess.

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Think you need an Inside Mount L-frame? Check out our installation video for an Outside L Frame or read our measuring instructions.

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Gil Baker
By: Gil Baker Published: 20 Feb 2018