Are PVC Shutters Hazardous?

Our PVC shutters are not at all hazardous and are completely safe for use in your home.

At the Shutters Department, we take health and safety very seriously. We would never sell a product that we wouldn't use in our own homes. When going the process of sourcing materials for our shutters, we did a huge amount of research into the benefits and potential risks of PVC. We've worked closely with our supplier to ensure that the materials and paints used on our shutters are safe from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). 

What Is VOC?

VOCs, according to the USEPA, are "organic chemical compounds whose composition makes it possible for them to evaporate under normal indoor atmospheric conditions of temperature and pressure."  In other words, certain compounds found on household goods have low boiling points and can volatise (pass off as vapour) at normal indoor temperatures. When emitted from a product or surface into the air, some of these compounds can be harmful. 

Are Our Shutters Made Of VOCs?

All of our shutters are compliant with Australia’s health and safety standards for VOC levels. We have had our PVC shutters independently tested and have found no detection of any Volatile Organic Compounds. Not only that, but they are also compliant with EU standards. The tests were done under the guidance of the RoHS Directive, which sets the standards for hazardous materials that can be found in household goods. Our shutters were compliant with these standards and were entirely free of the restricted substances set out by the RoHS. 

While we cannot speak for all PVC products, we stand by our shutters and can safely say that they are suitable for use in your home. We believe in full transparency and want you to be as confident in our product as we are. If you'd like to see the full report, please contact us and we'd be happy to share it. 

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Gil Baker
By: Gil Baker Published: 27 Mar 2019