Uploading A Photo

Why Upload A Photo?

Before we submit an order for manufacture we will always double-check all details of your order.

By adding a photo to your window on the Design Centre we are able to expedite purchases and pick up any details that may have been missed along the way. Adding a photo can also help you quickly differentiate between windows that may have similar names in Your Windows.

There are 3 different places you can add photos to your window:

1. From Instant Quote At The Start Of Your Shutter Journey

Screen Shot 2019 02 19 at 3.55.45 pm 

2. In Your Windows

 Screen Shot 2019 02 19 at 3.59.49 pm

3. In The Design Centre

2018 02 05 121590

Adding A Photo

Once you’ve clicked on the upload photo button a new dialogue box will appear where you can select the photo you’d like to upload and click ‘Open’.

If you’ve selected a photo in a file format that we can accept then you’ll see a thumbnail of the photo you’ve just uploaded (see below on the Instant Quote form).

2018 02 05 14501

You can continue adding as many photos as you like to each window. We recommend uploading photos of the whole window as well as detail shots of any tricky parts like window sills, architraves and any obstructions.

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