Quote To Recommendation In 5 Minutes

Step 1 - Open Instant Quote

To begin the process of entering the Design Centre you must open the Instant Quote button from the homepage (or the Menu bar).

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Step 2 - Enter Your Window Width And Height

Inside the Instant Quote form, you have the option of entering your window dimensions. The price of your shutter will be automatically calculated. You have the option of adding multiple windows and getting a quote for your entire room or house. By clicking 'Start Designing' you'll enter our Design Centre to begin designing your first shutter! 

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If you have any photos of your window this a great place to add your photo to your window.

Step 3 - Enter Design Centre

You are now in Your Windows where you’ll find all the shutters you previously quoted up. To start the design process, click on 'Start Designing' to the right of your new window.

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Step 4 - Enter your Window name

The first step is to give your window a name so it’s easy to identify. You can type your own name or select from the options in the dropdown box. Click ‘Next’ once you’ve selected the name of your window.

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Step 5 - Choose number of Panes you have

You select the number of panes of glass your window has (if you’re unsure what a window pane is click on the ‘Window Panes Examples’ help button). From there, please select the photo that best matches the look of your window and click ‘Next’.

At this stage, just choose the picture that most closely resembles your window. You’ll get the chance to input the custom widths of your window pane sizes at a later stage.

This is also a great place to add a photo of your window so we can help you with your order and check your windows.

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Step 6 - Select whether you have a Window Sill and Architraves

Here you’ll have the chance to tell us some of the features of your window.

The first question will be whether your window has a Sill. A sill is an extension on the bottom of your window from the window that projects past the wall edge. If you're unsure, please click on the ‘Window Sill Examples’ for more information.

Next, you’ll be asked to select the type of architrave your window has (if any). Select the picture that best resembles your window. If you're unsure, click on the ‘architrave examples’ button and click ‘Next’.

If you’re confused you can always select ‘I Don’t Know’ and we’ll help identify the features of your window. Generally it’s best to select the picture that best resembles your window for this step.

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Step 7 - Select your Window Recess

The final step before receiving your shutter recommendation asks you to let us know if you have a recess. The window recess is a distance between your window and the wall.

If you do have a recess you’ll be asked whether the depth is more that 70mm.

Take note of any obstructions in your window (locks, winders, keys, fly screens) and measure the distance from the obstruction to the edge of the wall.

Once you’ve selected your recess click ‘Next’

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Step 8 - Recommendation Complete!

Congratulations! You’ve just received your first shutter recommendation based on your window!

In the example below you’ll see that we’ve recommended an outside mounted L-Frame with one shutter panel and one midrail (see how recommendations are made).

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You can click to expand any of the recommendations to learn more or select a different option.

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To complete your shutter for purchase, work through the remaining steps of the Design Centre to confirm your colour choice, shutter configuration, custom widths and midrails. If you have any questions about your recommendations, give us a call!

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