Measuring for Multiple Panels

Shutter Panels

Shutters are split into panels. If your window is wider than approx 950mm, you will be required to add a second panel. You can select as many panels as you like, provided the panels are between 350mm and 900mm. We recommend matching the layout of your window. If multiple panels are required, our system will automatically select the panel width for you.

To learn more about panel sizes and configuration, read our article about Panels


What if I require multiple panels, but have uneven sized windows panes?


You can customise your own panels widths to match the layout of your window, provided that each panel is less than 900mm. We recommend matching panels with the design of your vertical window panes.

You can watch our video on measuring for panel widths.

Measuring Custom Panel Widths

  • Begin each measurements from the far left:
    • For an inside mount, start from the inside of the recess;
    • For an outside mount with an architrave, start from the edge of architrave;
    • For an outside mount with no architrave, start from the edge of your window.
  • Measure to the breaks in each of the panels (i.e. where one panel will meet the other).

For example, if you are measuring for a window with three custom panels , you will need to make the following measurements:

  • From the far left to the point at which your first + second panel will meet;
  • From the far left to the point at which you second + third panel will meet.

Measuring for Two Panels


Measuring for Three Panels


Measuring for Four Panels


Measuring for Five Panels


Measuring for Six Panels



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Gilad Baker
By: Gilad Baker Published: 12 Feb 2018