How To Measure Your Recess

To measure a recess, start from the shallowest point of the window and measure to the front wall.

When measuring a recess, we need to ensure that it is clear of obstructions such as windows winders, handles, locks, keys, alarm boxes, flyscreens etc. In these cases, we need to measure from the furthest point of the obstruction to the edge of the recess.

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To Measure Around Obstructions:

  • First measure from the window to the front of the obstruction.
  • Next measure from the window to the front of the recess.
  • Finally, subtract the smaller measurement from the larger measurement.

If measuring around window winders, for example, remember to leave a little bit of space so you can still access it.

Always measure in a few places just to be sure your measurements are correct.

If your unobstructed recess is at least 70mm, you will have the option to inside mount your shutters. Also be aware of any fly screens and inward opening windows. If you install inside mount shutters you will not be able to access these.

It may be possible to inside mount shutters with a recess depth less than 70mm. To learn more about obstructions, read our detailed article on Managing Obstructions. If in doubt, send us some photos to and we'll help you understand the options.

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Dan Field
By: Dan Field Published: 29 Nov 2017