Taking Pictures of Your Windows

What we need to see on your Windows

After you've processed your order, we'll reach out to arrange a review call and ask for photos of your windows. During our review call we double check measurements, how you measured, frame suitability, configuration and functionality. This is part of our effort to ensure we optimise your shutter's look and usability! It also keeps our error rate extremely low. Any changes can be made during this call. There are some things to note when sending in your photos:

1. Are current windows furnishings pulled back?

We really need to see the entire architrave and layout of your window so please remove any curtains or blinds which are currently installed which might be in the way. This enables us to fully assess any obstructions which can impede the functionality of the shutter blades, and determine that the layout and framing are appropriate. 

2. Is your entire architrave visible?

We need to see all four sides of your architrave (if you have one). There could obstructions that might get in the way of installing a four sided frame. We have a lot of techniques for getting around tricky windows, but need to see all four sides so we can catch anything out of the ordinary.

3. Is your photo bright enough?

We're a window furnishings business, so we're very sensitive to light! Please make sure your photo is bright enough so we can zoom in and see the minor details. 

4. Label your photos

It is extraordinarily helpful when you clarify which room is which if you've ordered several shutters, especially when the window dimensions are similar but the architrave or recess depth differs. 

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Room is well lit and we can see the architrave and recess fully.


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Karen Brown
By: Karen Brown Published: 08 Feb 2021