How to Read Shutters Drawings

Inside & Outside Mounts

Before you start, you will need to know a couple of standard points:

  • Standard deductions:
    •       We take 3.2 mm off your supplied width and drop measurement for an inside mount (this is effectively 1.6 mm from each side)
    •       We take no deductions from an outside mount (face fit) frame
  • We allow for a 15 mm tolerance in the height of a midrail placement (both up and down)
  • The top and bottom rail heights might be uneven to allow for the maximum number of louvres

Have your measurements handy

There are 3 main sections of the drawings to check, we understand this may appear overwhelming if you have not seen drawings like this before, but we will walk you through them.

If you need any clarification, please don't hesitate to call us on 1300 161 650.

Your Drawing

Your drawing has three crucial sections to check.

Outside mount 6


Part One

Your Shutter!

Outside mount 7

The above explains each measurement of the drawing and what it refers to.

Most of the measurements you must check. These are listed below:

  • Width and height *a reminder, of our standard deductions above
  • Midrail placement *a reminder, this has a 15 mm tolerance both up and down
  • Panel width (If there are more than one panel, these should be equal unless custom panel widths have been specified)
  • Split tilt rod


Examples of deductions

Deductions are taken:                                                                         No deductions taken:

Deductions taken2     No deductions taken2

Examples of a split tilt rod

Applied:                                                                                                 Not Applied:

Outside mount with split tilt rodOutside mount no split tilt rod

Part two

Outside mount 10


It's all in the details

The first section (green) is the dimensions of the louvre.

The second section (red) is the selected frame choice - face fit is another term for an outside mount.

  1. The third section (yellow) are the notes:
    1. 1. The colour you have selected
    2. 2. The room location for this shutter
    3. 3. OM = outside mount and IM = inside mount / 4 = the number of sides to the frame (this will reduce if you remove one of the sides) / L-DR = you selected layout code 
    4. 4. Matching or stainless steel hinges *all wet rooms such as bathrooms will automatically have stainless steel hinges applied for rust purposes
    5. 5. Your original width and height measurements

Part three

Final Checks

Outside mount 9


Your special requirements (if any) will be noted in this section.

Your order number specifically only relates to your order.

The item number relates to the number of items you have ordered.


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