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Buying shutters online can feel overwhelming, but it doesn't need to! We've built our design centre to give you the confidence of an in-home consultation without the cost or hassle. With just a few simple questions about your windows, we'll help you decide exactly how to configure and measure for the perfect shutters. 

Start With Some Approximate Measurements

To get started with our design centre, your measurements don't need to be perfect. Measure the width and height of your window as best you can and just make a start - we'll help you refine your measurements as part of the design process.

Does Your Window Have A Recess?

A recess is just a fancy term for the space between the surface of a window and the wall it is built into. If your window does have a recess, take your measurements - left to right and top to bottom - inside the window recess. 

Does Your Window Have An Architrave?

An architrave is generally made of timber and is mounted to the wall around the window - they are usually just decorative. If you don't have a recess, measure left to right, and top to bottom from the outside edge of your architrave.

No Recess And No Architrave?

A window without an architrave is called 'square set' and without a recess, you'll be outside mounting your shutters. Measure from left to right, and bottom to top, from the edge of the window opening. (We'll make a slight adjustment to these measurements as you move through the process to allow for some extra width where the frame will be mounted to the wall).

Not Sure?

No problem! Take the best measurement you can and just dive in. If you need our help, call, email or hit live chat for us to help you out at any time. 

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Dan Field
By: Dan Field Published: 29 Nov 2017