What Is A Window Recess?

A window recess (or window reveal) is the distance between the surface of a window pane and the the wall that the window is built into. In order to determine whether you will be designing/installing an inside or outside mount, we need to first work out whether the window has a reveal and, if so, how deep it is.

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During the quoting process we will ask if your window has a recess, and if there are any obstructions in the way of your recess such as an inward opening window, fly screen etc.

Measuring your window's recess can also be referred to providing us with the depth of your window. Using a metal measuring tape to measure from the window pane out to the edge of the architrave or wall that the window is built into. You can find further information on how to measure your recess here.

If you have a minimum of 70mm of clear space in your recess we will generally recommend an Inside Z-frame. To learn about the differences between a Z frame and L frame, click here.

A recess is not the same as having a window sill.

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Gil Baker
By: Gil Baker Published: 08 Feb 2018