International vs Local Shutters

At the ShuttersDept, our key principle is to do what is best for our customers. It's a commitment that guides all our decisions.

We have been in the industry for over a decade. We've spoken to many a do-it-yourselfer in that time and we believe our customers are always looking for greater value in their purchases. We are constantly exploring and evaluating our products, and experimenting with new ways of serving customers, to improve the amount of value we can deliver.

To that end we always are:

  • Committed to product quality, and will never compromise on this
  • Always transparent about the way we do things
  • Partial towards local manufacturing, given a competitive price point


Today, we specialise in selling white, hinged plantation shutters made for windows from PVC, and imported from China. We demand quality and will only ever sell a product that is of comparable - or superior - quality to products made in the Australian market.

Our factory in China supplies a global market. They manufacture hundreds of thousands of shutters per year for customers like yourself from all around the world (US, UK and Europe). In fact, we are so confident in the quality and durability of the products we supply, we give a 10 year warranty on our shutters.

This scale advantage allows us to deliver industry leading prices to you, everyday. We import directly from the manufacturer - no intermediaries, no wholesalers. Your shutters are shipped from our factory and delivered directly to your door.

The reality is that there is only a very small percentage of shutters sold in Australia that are actually manufactured in Australia (and many of these are merely assembled in Australia, having been imported from Chinas as components). Currently 80-90% of the plantation shutters supplied in Australia are PVC shutters made in China. If you can afford them, we encourage buying Australian made.

Unfortunately, the price difference between imported and locally made products is significant. Australian made is not currently the right offering for our DIY customers.

Saying that, we are constantly exploring and re-evaluating our product mix. If we can source affordable and quality products from Australia for the DIY market we certainly will offer it.

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Lynne Scott
By: Lynne Scott Published: 08 Feb 2018