Out Of Square Windows

I Think My Windows Are Uneven, Can I Still Install Shutters?

Few windows are perfectly square. As homes age and foundations shift, it’s quite normal for windows to be a little uneven. What’s more, shutters are often highly suitable for slightly out of square windows.

To measure your windows, you’ll need to measure both their width and height in three places. Imagine there are six lines dividing your window both horizontally and vertically, and measure across these points, like below:

Measuring Out of Square

Simply measure left to right, and bottom to top, while making sure to write down the measurements as you go.

(Another way to check your windows for squareness is to measure diagonally. Measure from the top left corner of the frame to the bottom right, and again for opposite corners. However, we still ask you to provide us with the measurements from the top-to-bottom, left-to-right method).

If there’s a difference of 10mm between your measurements, then get in touch with us so we can discuss your shutter options. For differences of over 15mm, then we’ll suggest an outside mount L-frame (more on that below).

But don’t worry, your measurements don’t need to be perfect at this stage – we’ll help you to finalise them throughout the design process.

While you might think that shutters won’t work for non-square windows, they’re actually the perfect solution for hiding bows and any unevenness.

If you can fit the shutter inside your window recess, then using a Z-frame can completely hide any bows. A Z-frame has a 'lip' that extends 19mm past the edge of the window that can be used to hide bows and gaps, and make your window look perfectly square.

Alternatively, if you need to fit shutters outside your window, then we’ll recommend an outside mount L-frame. You’ll be able to see that the window is bowed when the shutters are open (which in our experience, is not very often), but the window will look square when they’re closed.

As always, The Shutters Department is here to help. If you’re still not sure how to best measure your tricky windows, send us a photo, and we’ll help you to get the right measurements for perfectly-fitting shutters.

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Dan Field
By: Dan Field Published: 05 Feb 2018