What Makes Plantation Shutters Awesome?

Whether you’re looking to freshen up an existing space or looking to put the finishing touches on a new build, budget is a deciding factor in adding value to your home.

Shutters offer a stately and refined look which tends to lift the overall character and aesthetics of a room, making them a TV renovation-show darling. Until now, cost of plantation shutters has put it out of reach or the DIY market. 

That’s no longer the case!

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With the ShuttersDept you can now get the premium look without the high price tag. In fact we’ve seen customers save as much as 50% off quotes they’ve received in the marketplace.

We’ve made it easy to get the right type of shutter for your window through our online Design Centre (in under 5 minutes). Our products are also very easy to install (even for a novice). We’ve had customers well into their 70’s installing shutters in their homes.

The upshot of this? We’ve made shutter affordable and accessible to everyone. You can now have ‘the look’ without the price tag, all achievable with tools you have home.


One of the best and most popular features of shutters is that you have total flexibility to control the amount of light going into the room whilst still allowing for good airflow.

Blinds only have two modes: open or closed. So there is either a completely obstructed view with no air flow through the window or no privacy and full air circulation.

Similarly, curtains will only allow you to have full blockout or a sheer option which compromises on privacy and light control.

By comparison, shutters offer you the best of both worlds. You can partially shut the louvers when you want privacy (or to block out sun) or you can open them up fully. In either scenario you will get good air circulation.

This makes it a particularly astute option for bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms. Note that, while shutters are very effective at blocking out light almost completely, shutters are not a full blockout solution.

Long Lasting

Unlike other window furnishings, shutters are made to last (that’s why we can confidently offer 10 Year Warranty). If you’re looking for a good long-term solution for your home that won't date, shutters really are a perfect solution.

Shutters are easy to maintain. They won’t need to be dry-cleaned and you’ll never have to replace a broken cord.

We choose to sell only aluminium reinforced PVC shutters because they are strong and more stable under different humidity conditions (i.e. they won’t bow, discolour, break) and are perfectly suited to indoor wet areas like your kitchen or bathroom.


Plantation shutters are also a very strong insulating window furnishing. Every house will gain or lose heat from glass windows because there is no insulation value in glass. In the summer you’ll find that heat will radiate inwards, and in winter it will get lost outwards.

Shutters have better insulating properties than any other window covering because they are made from a thicker material, creating a tighter airspace between the glass and the rest of the room.

This will save you a bunch on your air-conditioning and heating bills!

Fun Fact: when selecting shutters for insulation, it has been shown that white plantation shutters (rather than any other colour) offer the best insulation properties regardless of the material they are made from (wood, aluminium or PVC).



For every DIY'er there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of getting the product you’ve always wanted at the best price you possibly can, with the knowledge that you installed it yourself.

Shutters have outstanding functional, aesthetic and durability benefits over other types of window furnishings. Previously, many people were priced out of the market. But with our easy install DIY plantation shutters online Design Centre, we really make it easy and affordable for anyone to have shutters in their home.

Whether you’re living in a modern home or an older period home, shutters will look magnificent and add value, lifting its appearance at an affordable price.

Feel ready to get started? Start Designing your Shutters now!

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Terry Lancaster
By: Terry Lancaster Published: 08 Feb 2018