How Do Design Centre Recommendations Work?

Like all good things, some of the most important considerations with shutters lie in the details. It can be the difference between a good and a poor experience when buying shutters online.

That’s why it’s so important to work with someone who you can trust, someone who will steer you away from common pitfalls and provide you with a recommendation that you understand and a result you’ll love.

At ShuttersDept we’ve taken these principles to heart and strive to be a name and company you can trust. That’s why we have taken a different approach to the industry standard and built our own state-of-the-art platform, the Design Centre.

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The Design Centre is a simple and intuitive process which takes customers through a step-by-step online wizard to gain information about your window to provide the best recommendation.

The Design Centre is built to replicate ‘the thought process’ of our most experienced shutter experts at the ShuttersDept to help deliver you the right recommendation first time, everytime. Instantly.

Unlike other websites, we will not overwhelm you with industry jargon (e.g. face, recess, reveal, etc) and we won’t ever begin to sell you a shutter until you’re confident in the measurements of your window and the choices available to you. It’s also why we’ve chosen to focus only on white hinged plantation shutters with frames for windows, for ease of install.

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With shutters, it’s incredibly important to make sure that the measurements that we’re providing the factory are accurate as each shutter is made custom to your window.

Simply, if the measurements are wrong, your shutter will not fit. This is why throughout the Design Centre process we take great care in offering lots of help to ensure you can measure accurately.

Throughout the 5 step journey in the Design Centre you’ll be prompted to identify any obstructions (e.g. window winders, locks, handles) that may influence the type of framing option you have for your shutter. It will take the dimensions provided and ensure that you are given the right number of panels and configuration to suit your window taking into account all the technical details of shutters (e.g. maximum panel lengths, T-Posts, midrail maximums) and your window style (e.g. architraves, sills, recess depth).

By the time you’ve reached Step 5 of the Design process, we will have effectively simplified your choice from over 70 possible permutations to 1 recommendation tailored to your window (for free!).

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Another great thing about the Design Centre is that the recommendations provided are not locked in stone. If you’d like to make any changes for any reason to the mounting style, frame style, panels or midrails you are still able to edit this at this stage.

The recommendations give us a great starting point to have a conversation with you about your shutter project, if you would like to discuss it further. We highly recommend that you also upload a photo to your window that gives us even more context to help you with your purchase.

We’re always happy to talk with you. Call us (1300 161 650) or email any time.

From here it’s really easy. To complete your shutter you are prompted to choose your colours, configuration and any custom widths and midrail heights you’d like. Once you’re happy with your shutter you can go straight through to purchase.

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All of this innovation is the reason that we’re able to offer you industry leading prices, a superior customer experience and complete confidence in your purchase.

By making shutters easy, ShuttersDept is a name you can trust.

Start Designing your Shutters now!

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Kristy Robinson
By: Kristy Robinson Published: 08 Feb 2018