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A Z-frame, as its name suggests, is designed in the shape of the letter 'Z'. Used for inside mounting, part of the Z sits inside the window, while the other part creates a lip around the window. This ensures a clean frame around your window, avoiding any light bleed.

A Z-frame will protrude approx 9.5mm into the room.

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How Does A Z-frame Mount To My Window?

A Z-frame is 47.6mm in length. It requires 39mm to sit inside the recess of your window, and 19mm to the frame or architrave around the window.

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Can I Install A Z-Frame With An Architrave?

You can install a Z-frame with an architrave, provided you are able to inside mount your shutter and have at least 19mm of flat surface on your architrave.

If you have an architrave and are unsure whether you can mount a Z-frame, please send us a photo of your window and we will provide expert advice.


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Can I Install A Z-Frame With A Window Sill?

You can install a Z-frame with a window sill, provided you are able to inside mount  your shutter. The bottom of the frame will be specially manufactured to sit on top of the sill, rather than wrap around your window.

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Installing A Z-Frame With Obstructions

When using a Z-frame, we need to be aware of obstructions that may get in the way of installing the frame. While we ask for 70mm of clearance to enable space for the shutter louvres (blades) to open fully, there are tricks for getting around obstructions on your window. 

Want to install a Z-frame, but don't have 70mm of unobstructed clearance? Read our article on Managing Obstructions. You may still be able to achieve this!

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Gil Baker
By: Gil Baker Published: 19 Feb 2018