What Is A Recess?

A window recess (or window reveal) is the distance between the surface of a window pane and the the wall that the window is built into. In order to determine whether you will be designing/installing an inside or outside mount, we need to first work out whether the window has a reveal and, if so, how deep it is.

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During the quoting process we will ask if your window has a recess, and if there are any obstructions in the way of your recess such as an inward opening window, fly screen etc.  

If you have a minimum of 70mm of clear space in your recess we will generally recommend an Inside Z-frame. To learn about the differences between a Z frame and L frame, click here.

A recess is not the same as having a window sill.

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Gil Baker
By: Gil Baker Published: 08 Feb 2018