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Meet Amy from @folkchildstories, whose minimal home is inspired but neutral tones, clean finishes and a nod to aspirational Scandinavian design. Amy has ensured all element of her home are true to her personal style, prioritising open plan and practicality.

She has not let the chaos of a small boy army stand in the way of her aesthetic and desired interiors- keep reading to find out her top tips and how shutters have helped her maximise natural light in her family living space. 


Amy's tops tips on creating the ideal living space:

Aim for open plan with lots of windows to allow natural light.

Try incorporate plants where you can (especially those helpful for air purification). To ensure, the space is for the whole family, keep toys to a minimum and commit to tidying up each evening to get a head start on the following day.

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Amy's palette inspiration:

I am all about whites, beige, linens and neutrals. Most people would tend to avoid these colours with small children, but we have items in these colours that are easy to maintain, for example, our lounge with washable covers and timbers you can wipe over.

Our shutters are in Snow and we found this was the perfect shade to compliment our walls and furniture. 

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How Amy maintains her desired interiors with a young family:

The boys are old enough now to understand to help keep things tidy and not to 'touch' with dirty hands. We've taught them from a young age and reminded them a lot! I never wanted to sacrifice not having the style and furniture/decor I wanted because of kids. The boys have their own spaces and this allows me to have my space, and style it how I love to.

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 What did Amy choose for her windows?

Amy's windows had a recess depth of at least 65mm which made them eligible for an inside L frame. After sharing her images with our experts, we worked through the options and landed on what would be most desirable. In her case, a frame that sat flush with the inside of her window recess was definitely the outcome she was after.  Amy doesn't have a decorative architrave, but if she did, this would have still been the recommended frame as it wont cover up a decorative trim.
As the name suggests, this frame is designed in the shape of the letter L. There are two types of L frames (inside and outside) which can be used to mount your shutter.

Click here for our range of helpful articles and to see if an L frame is the right choice for your shutters.

 To find out more about Amy, her style and home journey, visit her Instagram here.

Amy's shutters are Inside L Frame in Snow. You can order your sample pack here. For more shutters inspiration check out our customer gallery 


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Romy Ajzner
By: Romy Ajzner Published: 01 Jun 2022