Adjusting Panels

All of our shutters are tested and assembled before being packaged and shipped to our customers. However, installation can sometimes be fiddly and some panels may require a little more TLC. and   After installation, you may find that your panel isn't closing smoothly. Here are some helpful tips below for adjusting your panels once installed.


One possible reason for the panels not lining up, is that the frame has been installed just slightly twisted. For example, the top of the frame is a few millimetres deeper in the recess than the bottom. It can sometimes be deceptive if the recess is actually not perfectly square itself. The first thing to check is that your frame is perfectly square, (even if that means having to fill any gaps between the frame and recess). If that all looks OK then you might try the following.

  • Bring the top left corner of the frame just slightly forward; or
  • push the bottom right corner slightly back.

This should bring the frame out to meet with the shutter.


Your shutters come with hinge packers. If you find that your panel needs to be raised slightly at the bottom, remove the hinge from your panel, insert the packer behind the hinge and re-attach the hinge. This may help raise it enough to line up with your catch plate. 


Another option is to bend the hinges just slightly. This is an old installer trick that we don't recommend, but does work. If you want to give it a try, open the shutter, put an Allen key inside the hinge and quickly jerk the shutter closed on the key to bend the hinge a tiny bit.


If the panel is closing but not catching, you may just need to adjust the catch plate on the frame slightly so that it it able to hold the frame. Alternatively, try loosening the magnet in the panel just slightly.


With an aluminium core for strength, PVC shutters are heavy. It is common, even when professionally installed, for this kind of shutter to drop slightly when opened and for the foot of the shutter to make contact with the bottom of the frame when closed. The shutter may have to be lifted slightly to be closed back into the frame. This behaviour is considered normal and, as such, cannot be the subject of a warranty claim. 


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By: shelleyhub28 Baker Published: 28 Mar 2019