Shutters For Your Kitchen

Kitchens are the heart of the home. They deserve a versatile window furnishing that allows for light control, moisture resistance and easy cleaning. Unlike blinds and curtains that can get damp and retain smell, shutters are easy to clean, low maintenance and durable. 

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Durable Kitchen Shutters

At the Shutters Department we offer premium DIY shutters that are affordable and simple to install in your kitchen. Our kitchen shutters are made from PVC, an advanced material that’s specifically designed to resist moisture, humidity, heat and UV rays. Our shutters maintain their sleek and high quality appearance in all weather conditions without any scratches, peeling or chips. 

Clean & Care

With all the grime and dust that can build up in the kitchen, it’s important that your window furnishings are easy to clean. PVC shutters are very easy to maintain. You simply dust the shutter blades with a lint-free microfiber cloth. Then you wipe them down with a damp cloth and dry them off. It’s as simple as that.


Plantation shutters are not just practical, they’re also a beautiful design feature that adds style and character to your space. Our kitchen shutters are available in a range of popular  shades of white. White instantly brightens the room by reflecting and diffusing light. As a neutral colour, it pairs well with any wallpaper or paint choice. White plantation shutters are a timeless investment that will suit any interior design changes you may make over the years.


Shutters are installed over your entire window and louvres can be tilted to completely cover the glass, offering you total privacy within your kitchen. Our plantation shutters also have clear view functionality. You can pivot the shutter blades to 180 degrees, allowing an unobstructed and panoramic view of the outside.

Customisable To Your Kitchen

Our plantation shutters are custom made to your kitchen window specifications. Our Design Centre allows you to input your window size, and choose the frame, panels, colour and mount so that you can achieve the exact look you want for your kitchen.

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We offer custom DIY plantation shutter services in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne as well.


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