Outside L-Frame

What Is An L-Frame?

An L-frame, as its name suggests, is designed in the shape of the letter 'L'. There are two types of L-frames: one for inside mounting, and another for outside mounting your shutters. An outside mount L-frame will project further than an inside mount. In this article, we'll discuss the L frame used for Outside Mounting.

What Is An Outside Mount L-Frame?

An outside L-frame is mounted to the architrave or frame of your window, depending on the type of window. If you do not have the required clearance for an inside mount, an outside L-frame is a great alternative.

If you are outside mounting, your window will protrude slightly from the wall. Outside mount shutters have a projection into the room of 63.5mm

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How Does An Outside L-Frame Mount To My Window? 

An outside L-frame is 63.5mm in length. It's installed directly onto the flat surface of your architrave or wall. It requires at least 38mm of flat surface to be secured the frame of your window.


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Think you need an Outside Mount L-frame? Check out our installation video for an Outside L Frame or read our measuring instructions.

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Gil Baker
By: Gil Baker Published: 20 Feb 2018