What Type of Window Do I Have?

In order to begin measuring for your shutters, we need to identify the style of your window.  

Firstly have a look at your window and work out what kind of window you have. This is important as different measuring techniques are used for different window settings, there are two options for mounting a shutters (Recess/Inside mount or Face/Outside mount) which is discussed below.

The first thing to check is how your window is sitting. Does it sit inside the wall or against the wall? If there is space between the wall and the window, then your window has a recess. This means that it might be possible to Inside Mount your shutter.

What is an architrave?

An architrave is the frame around your window, which serves as a decorative trim around door frames and windows.

There are several different types of architraves. Not all windows will have an architrave. If your window does have an architrave, we will need to identify the style in order to determine how to measure your shutters and ultimately, how they will be installed.

What kind of architrave do I have?

Bullnose Architrave

A Bullnose Architrave is a flat frame with a curved edge.


Decorative Architrave

A decorative Architrave will feature grooves and un-level surfaces. (Think Victorian style house).


Square Architrave

A Square  Architrave will have straight angles and no curves.


Does my window have a Sill?

A window sill is the ledge at the bottom of your window. It generally protrudes out of the wall and will stick out further than the recess. If you have a recess, then it is important to note whether the bottom is a Sill or part of the recess. If your window does has a sill, we will select a frame that is compatible with your window. All you need to do is identify your window sill and let us know on the Design Centre when asked.

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Gilad Baker
By: Gilad Baker Published: 08 Feb 2018