Inside vs Outside Mount Plantation Shutters

What Is The Difference Between An Inside & Outside Mounted Shutter?

When designing your shutters, it is important to first decide whether you need to mount your shutters on the inside or the outside of your window. Although the shutter panels are the same, the shutter frame mount will impact on the functionality and design. In majority of window designs there will only be one option that fits your window best.

Our easy step by step Design Centre will prompt you to answer some basic questions about your window which will then help us provide expert recommendations on the best fitting shutter for your window. The basic questions you answer via our Design Centre is where we can help you work out if you require a inside or outside mount shutter. You also have the flexibility to choose your own configurations if you want something different.

The images below demonstrate our Z-frame inside mount, L-frame inside mount and L-frame outside mount options. This will help guide you to select the best mount for your windows.

Support Images L inside Z inside L outside Square Set3

Inside Mount vs Outside Mount Shutter

Inside mounted shutters sit inside the window recess and are usually fitted flush against the wall. In contrast, outside mounted shutters are fitted onto the wall, around the window. Both mounting options look great! Some prefer inside mounting because the shutters don't extend into the room. Inside mounting also results in a slightly smaller shutter, saving you money.

What Is An Inside Mounted Plantation Shutter (Recess Fit)?

An inside mounted shutter also referred to as a recess fit is when the shutter fits just inside your window recess. An inside mount can use an L-frame or Z-frame, and will work with most types of architraves. Inside mounting can give you a flush look as it sits inside the recess. 

Inside Mount No Architrave Front L3

Inside Mount No Architrave Z3

What Is An Outside Mount Plantation Shutter (FACE FIT)?

An outside mounted shutter also referred to as a face fit is when the shutter is affixed to the outside face of your window architrave. An outside mount uses an L-frame, and can be fitted to almost any type of architrave or directly onto the wall. These frames are ideal for windows without a recess and with any obstructions that may not make it possible for you to install our other frame options.

Outside Mount No Architrave L3 

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By: Frank Amaranti Published: 08 Feb 2018