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All our shutters are custom made to your exact specifications. The shutters you receive have been custom manufactured, assembled, and tested to fit your windows.


Our shutters are made from aluminium reinforced PVC. PVC is a durable, tough and water-resistant material - suitable for anywhere in your home including wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms (though not for exterior use). The aluminium core provides strength and prevents bowing. The toughness of PVC can be a real benefit if you have kids or pets.

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We offer our shutters in three shades of white. The 'whitest' of these is called Snow, while the colour with the most beige tint to it is Classic. Bright is somewhere in between. We've compared these three colours to Australia's most popular white paints from Dulux, Wattyl and Haimes. Click here to see our colour chart.



Our shutter blades are 89mm wide.

Hidden tilt-rods allow an unobstructed view through your shutters. 

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If you order multiple panels and they close into each other, your shutters are made with a 'D mould' on the right-hand panel. This feature gives your shutters a neat finish and blocks any light from leaking through the gap between the panels.

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All our shutters are sold with a frame - we sell three types of frame. If you inside mount your shutters, you can choose between a Z frame or an L frame. Outside mounted shutters use an L frame.

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 You can learn more about frame selection here.

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Dan Field
By: Dan Field Published: 13 Dec 2017