What To Expect For Delivery

Your shutters are arriving soon! Here's some helpful information to help you prepare for delivery.

How Are Shutters Packaged?

Generally, each shutter is separated into panels and frames. If your shutter has only a single panel, the panel and frame will be packed together. Each box is protected by custom-cut MDF board and foam pieces. 

How Many Boxes In My Order?

If you've received notification that your order is on the way, you'll find a tracking link inside that e-mail. Click on the tracking link, this will list the number of boxes and their size and weight. 

Authority To Leave

We require authority to leave your shutters in a safe place. Upon checkout, you will have selected where you'd like shutters to be left (e.g. outside the front door, down the side, around the back, etc) or left us special instructions. We always do our best to follow these instructions, and will call you to arrange alternatives if your request can't be met. We also do our best to ensure that you receive a call 2-3 hours out from delivery. 

How Will My Shutters Be Delivered?

For orders of around 15 or less boxes, your shutters will be delivered in individual cartons. For orders over 15 boxes, your order may arrive on a pallet. If your order is being delivered on a pallet, we'll let you know!

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Gil Baker
By: Gil Baker Published: 14 Mar 2019