Inside or Outside Mount?

What's the difference?

There are two ways to mount plantation shutters to your windows. Inside mounting (also know as 'recess fitting') involves installing shutters inside the recess of your window. ('Recess' is just a fancy term for the space between the surface of a window and the wall it is built into - click here for more details). 

Outside mounting (also called 'face fitting') involves mounting shutters to the wall or architrave around the outside of the window.

Inside vs OutsideInside vs Outside corner

There are a number of important differences.

Inside and outside mounted shutters use different frames - either an L frame or Z frame for inside mount, and a (different) L frame for outside mount. See this article for more on frames.

For any given window, the finished size of the shutters will be slightly different. As inside mounted shutters are made to fit within the window recess, they are slightly smaller than outside mounted shutters made for the same window. Outside mounted shutters need to be larger as they are mounted around the window.

Finally, the projection into the room is different. Inside mounted shutters are generally fitted flush with the wall (a Z frame will project 9.5mm while an L frame can be flush or even set back from the wall at any desired depth). Outside mounted shutters have a projection into the room of 63.5mm. 

How do I choose?

The critical decision factor is the depth of your window's recess. If you have a clear recess of at least 70mm then you have the option to inside mount. Otherwise, you'll need to outside mount your shutters.

Measuring your recess and understanding how to negotiate obstructions (like winders, locks and handles) is really the only tricky part of the measuring process.

If you've measured your recess and you have the option to inside mount, we recommend doing so. However, outside mounting is very common and often the only choice.



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Dan Field
By: Dan Field Published: 29 Nov 2017

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