Shutters are split into panels. If your window is wider than approx 950mm, you will be required to add a second panel. Our Design Centre will determine how many panels are required, based on the width of your window. You can select as many panels as you like, provided the panels are between 350mm and 900mm. We recommend matching the layout of your window. If multiple panels are required, our system will automatically select the panel width for you.


Read our article on Measuring for Multiple Panels


Depending on how many panels are selected, there are often multiple ways to configure shutter panels.

If you order a single panel, you can select for the panel to hinged on the Left (L) or Right (R).

If you order multiple panels and they close into each other, your shutters are made with a 'D mould' on the right-hand panel. This feature gives your shutters a neat finish and blocks any light from leaking through the gap between the panels.

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Gilad Baker
By: Gilad Baker Published: 12 Feb 2018